Why is the figure of the ship agent important?


According to article 319 of the Spanish Maritime Navigation Law, ship agent is understood as
“the person who, on behalf of the shipowner or the shipping company, takes care of the
material and legal procedures necessary for the dispatch and other intentions of the ship in
That is, we represent the shipowner / charterer / manager / operator and their interests
before the authorities.
Why do we arise?
Our figure has existed since ancient times as the shipowners had the need to assist their ships
in port, and their trips were repeated, so they had the need to be taken care of.
Ship agents are appointed either by the shipowner / charterer or different ship operators
based on the services they need, although the existing trust on the ship agent by the
contractor (shipowner / charterer / operators), base don ship agent´s good job during past
calls or popularity achieved for attentions to several ships in the different ports of call.