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Our advanced services


As your bunkering agents we will coordinate closely with the local physical supplier and will keep all concerned parties duly informed in order to get a fast and smooth delivery avoiding any delays.

We also offer you the following services always with the highest quality and the best prices:

  • Independent quality and quantity bunker survey
  • Sampling
  • Bunker samples’ expedition and tracking till reception by laboratory.


As agents in Spain of several offshore companies we are able to receive and attend the highest standard requirements of the offshore sector.

Our operations department has a high experience coordinating offshore operations in the Mediterranean Sea and Canary Islands.

We offer a wide range of services according rigs’ requirements such as:

Crew assistance, Logistical services (spares, stores and provisions), Offshore containers, Offshore baskets, Workshop assistance, Bunkering, Lube oil, Fresh water, Marpol, Helicopter services.

Liner service

As general agents in Spain for FRS Group since year 2000, who is based in Northern Germany, we can offer the quickest and cheapest service for any freight or shipment to/from Morocco and Ceuta.

FRS group operates about 30 vessels in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

Annually, FRS carries 5.4 million passengers and 1.3 million vehicles in total.

FRS main route, from Tarifa in Spain to Tangiers in Morocco, is the shortest and fastest connection between the two continents and is serviced by fast ferries bridging the two in only 35 min. The additional routes operated by FRS are Algeciras to Ceuta and Algeciras to Tanger Med, both serviced with high frequency by respectively conventional and fast ferries.

The modern concepts of FRS have boosted them into market leadership in passenger and car traffic to and from Morocco.

STS operations

STS Transfer Services are licensed by Gibraltar Port State Control to conduct lightering operations at anchor in port. Our equipment conforms to OCIMF guidelines and maintained to the high standards expected by our clients.

All STS operations are carried out in accordance with OCIMF – ICS and Port State Control recommendations and guidelines.

Our mooring masters are all experienced mariners undertaking underway berthing as well as overseeing complete operations at anchor.

Off port limit services

In order to avoid delays and expenses we offer our customers passing through the straight the possibility to carry out some urgent operations (spares, stores and provisions delivery, crew changes…) at Off Port Limits without stopping.

Meeting point will be agreed between agent, Master and Port Authorities considering weather conditions and traffic.

We can provide helicopter’s service at longer distance.

Crew assistance

Regarding this important matter and due to have the possibility to work in Spain and Gibraltar ports (which means different rules) we are able to recommend our customers the best place to conduct crew changes avoiding extra costs, unnecessary delays and reducing immigrations formalities.

At Gibraltar port depending on nationality and place of seaman’s book issuance, in many cases crew members are allowed to enter/depart without VISA, so Immigration Authorities only request our OK to Board/Letter of Guarantee.

Our company will make all arrangements for a smooth crew change (VISA and transit assistance, expedition of OKTB/LOG, hotel, taxi and launch services…) during vessel’s call or while she is passing through the Strait of Gibraltar.

Underwater services

The inspection, maintenance, repair and cleaning of hull and propellers can be easily performed at Gibraltar and Algeciras port.

These works usually are made during bunkering operations in order to save operational time to vessel.

We offer our customers experienced and certified companies to realize the underwater operations, which guarantees successful results and allows to get the approval of the Classification Societies.

Spares, stores & provisions delivery

Gibraltar Strait is the doorway between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, the obligatory cross road of main shipping routes, so Algeciras and Gibraltar Ports are the perfect places to replenish provisions and to get all spares and stores needed.

Due to growing number of vessels visiting our ports we can offer our customers a wide range of reliable ship chandlers so it is possible to get fresh and frozen provisions, bonded stores, spares and all your vessel may need with the top quality and the best prices.

As your agents we will comply all customs formalities and will make all necessary arrangements to ensure that everything is ready for a smooth delivery on vessel’s arrival.

Logistical services

Bacomar is proud to have a wide experienced staff in international trade which will be delighted to assist you.

Our Logistics Department will handle your custom and logistical needs as the most efficient and economical way to save time and money.

The services offered include customs clearance, airfreight service, warehousing, overland truck services & freight forwarding agents, cold storage facilities and all related services you may need.

Ship´s repairs

If your good vessel needs to be repaired we will assist you to get it done as the fastest, the cheapest and the most efficient way as possible by:

  • Choosing the most convenient Port (Algeciras or Gibraltar).
  • Choosing the most convenient Place (anchorage, berth or dry dock)
  • Obtaining required permits.
  • Dispatching all spares parts.
  • Choosing the more reliable workshop.

Algeciras and Gibraltar Ports offer modern shipyards at your disposal certificated under ISO 9001, 14001, 18001 and ISPS.

Waste disposal

In case of some waste to be collected and treated we can offer you full assistance to dispose the Marpol categories I, II, IV, V and VI.

Our operations department will recommend you which port is the most convenient to carry out such disposal avoiding delays and reducing costs.

Waste collection can be done at anchorage or at berth ex truck and in both cases the Certificate of Treatment of Residual in accordance whit Marpol 73/78 and EU-directive 2000/59/EG is issued.

Cargo Operations

We coordinate liquid cargo operations (crude oil, gas oil, jet, fuel oil, aromatics, etc.)

We carry out these services  at the  CEPSA terminal and all corresponding Algeciras Port terminals such as the CLH, Repsol.


Our advantages

Algeciras: The natural features of the bay, with more than 1,300 hectares of exceptionally sheltered deep water for anchorage with no draft restrictions, make Algeciras bay the ideal location for all types of operations and supplies; e.g. Bunkering, provisions, repairs, etc. Port Terminals such as Maersk, Hanjin, Vopak, Cepsa, CLH, Acerinox and Endesa are located at Algeciras Port.

Gibraltar: The strategic location of Gibraltar has become a Maritime Centre of Excellence. Ideally placed to provide a wide range of services to vessels of all sizes and types. Immigration authorities provide an excellent and quick service for non European crew. The many fuel suppliers and competitive prices, make Gibraltar the major bunker supply port in the strait.

Ceuta: The port of Ceuta permits vessels of up to 250m in length with a maximum draft of 10.2m. It´s a suitable port for smaller tonnage. Its excellent berths facilitate vessels using ex-pipe bunkering as well as bunkering at anchor. Ferry links to Algeciras every hour make it possible to deliver spares, lubricants and carr out crew changes.


Privileged Strategic location on the obligatory cross road of the main shipping routes.

Experience team

An experienced team, composed by with professional staff with extensive experience in the shipping business.

Single point of contact

One Single point of contact, so our clients can reduce their operational and administrative costs.

A lumpsum agency fees

A lumpsum agency fees, with no extras for Algeciras, Ceuta, Gibraltar, Cádiz and Canary Islands.

“Six Ports, One Team”

Under the “Six Ports, One Team” concept, we are able to service our clients vessels at any one of the six ports where we now operate our own offices. This allows clients to alter their plans as necessary in the knowledge that our Agency team will divert the services required to any one of the ports nominated.

Economical and operational advantages

We will provide you with the different rates for the three ports and the economical and operational advantages in each site.

Do you need our port services?

If you need a professional service, our group is running offices in six ports: Algeciras, Cadiz, Ceuta, Las Palmas, Tenerife & Gibraltar.

Contact us and we will be delighted to help!