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Gibraltar Starts Ship-to-Ship LNG Transfers

Last week Gibraltar performed two ship-to-ship transfers of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the Bay of Gibraltar, the local daily Gibraltar Chronicle reports. After the completion of the STS transfers, the Gibraltar Port Authority hinted at the possibility that this is just the beginning, and that they intend to grow the sector. Even though government

ECA rules: What’s going on?

Four months into the era of stricter sulphur limits, there was still a question hanging over Europe’s emission control areas (ECAs). It wasn’t: Will there be enough low sulphur material? (There was) It wasn’t:  How many shipping lines will close routes ? (Not many) It wasn’t: Will there be a surge in scrubber installations? (There

Spain Critcized for Towing Burning Trawler to Open Seas

The environmental organization Greenpeace has criticized Spanish authorities for towing the burning Russian trawler Oleg Naydenov from the port of Las Palmas to the open seas where the vessel sank on Tuesday, laden with 1,409 tons of fuel, Reuters reports. Greenpeace says that the ship poses an environmental threat to the habitat, saying that the


With the objective of making itself more competitive and adapting itself to new technologies, Bacomar Shipping Agency has now launched its new company website! This new platform aims to provide a flexible information service to the user, thus being optimised for use with new mobile and tablet platforms. The page’s content will be updated and added

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